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[meta: I've gone ahead and made my account locked, so I guess you'll have to wait for me to approve your follow request if you want to follow me. If you're an actual person, I'll probably approve it, I just don't want to have to keep evicting bots ex post facto.]

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I missed out on last time, so:

I'm a person. I think people and communities and subcultures are pretty interesting. Sometimes I try to archive these things, sometimes I just idly find them fascinating.

I appreciate things that are {open source, secure, well-designed}, most of the people I've met here, and @srn ​in particular.

I like to think I'm trustworthy and available. Feel free to reach out even if I don't know you.

(A few thousand more words available via my profile.)

It's a Friday in 2023, so naturally there are new albums out from Depeche Mode and Fall Out Boy today.

I'm 99% sure today's promo spot for NPR / WAMU's "1A" program uses the bridge in Bloodhound Gang's "The Bad Touch" as background music. That's a crossover I wasn't expecting.

I feel like I'm playing a particularly unusual (and slow) idle clicker.

Please, John Mastodon was my father's name.

What's your favorite font that can be used in a 1-bit context? Doesn't have to be tiny or monospaced, I have ~35px available for height and enough width.

you can get anything you want 


it's been 

a while since my timeline was this hopping. Welcome back, everyone, and welcome newcomers!

Mastodon server operators with Sidekiq queues that are backed up: what are your various queue sizes? (Some folks are brainstorming various things that might help, but it's a good idea to check whether they're likely to matter first.)

(If that's not you, sending a link to people you know who might be relevant would be appreciated.)

Did anyone get a complete map? Mine just showed a straight line shortcut through "backrooms" between the food court and Eldritch Hall but the con doesn't have any signage back here.

After a segment of a podcast about someone suing over a "lifetime warranty" on socks and a discussion of how "lifetime" warranties are deliberately misleading*, I get an ad. For socks. With a lifetime warranty. Good job, advertisers.

*: Basically it's often for the lifetime of the product: until they stop selling that particular product, but depends on the fine print of the specific warranty.

@SuricrasiaOnline Where was your bleeps and bloops web tool? (I didn't see it at, but I may have missed it.)

Defining an ontology for roughly all physical objects one might have is, unsurprisingly, challenging.

Do I want to write a text layout engine? That provides full Unicode compatibility and support for most of the relevant CSS including whatever parts of Text Module 4 I can wedge in? In a language I'm not really proficient in?

(All signs point to this being a bad idea, but it does sound fun...)

Currently inordinately annoyed that the print editions of the Unicode spec don't include the annexes to the spec. Over a thousand pages, but not the ones I really need right now. 🙃

@djsundog @ajroach42 Is there a unified [multi] makerspace parts taxonomy / catalog anywhere? ("A 6mm M3 screw with a cap head is a subset of M3 screws, and has MPN 1234567")

@ajroach42 Looks like NPR commissioned a Microface action figure head as well. On a phone so I can't easily tell if the .zip has any license information, but since you'd mentioned the character before, you might find it interesting:

(Also they've done a whole series on Microface, which I assume you're familiar with, but if not, you might find it entertaining.)

security, java 

If you run, uh, anything in Java that logs things (Java Minecraft? A random webapp? Whatever.) and it's exposed to the internet, you might want to take it down and/or get it patched real fast. The log4j vulnerability can pretty much be sprayed everywhere much like "shellshock", and gives up code execution to an attacker, so widespread scanning / attacks are likely imminent.

Decent writeup at .

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