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[meta: I've gone ahead and made my account locked, so I guess you'll have to wait for me to approve your follow request if you want to follow me. If you're an actual person, I'll probably approve it, I just don't want to have to keep evicting bots ex post facto.]

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I missed out on last time, so:

I'm a person. I think people and communities and subcultures are pretty interesting. Sometimes I try to archive these things, sometimes I just idly find them fascinating.

I appreciate things that are {open source, secure, well-designed}, most of the people I've met here, and @srn ​in particular.

I like to think I'm trustworthy and available. Feel free to reach out even if I don't know you.

(A few thousand more words available via my profile.)

@djsundog Do you track / pay attention to stars/favs on Now Playing tracks?

(Also, what was the software you use to post them? CC @er1n )

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Well, my UPDATE query has been running for a good hour and 41 minutes so far. How's your day going?

*generalized post-noon support*


Mmm. Naps.

*rolls back over*

More sleep seems like a good idea. 'night, Mastodon folks. 🌌

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These train posts are reminding me I was listening to City of New Orleans[1] yesterday, and thinking I'd really ought to take that trip at some point. See all the houses, farms, and fields.


Hot chocolate mix as abrasive in laboratory glassware: a study currently underway on my countertop. Maybe I added too much.

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'morning, Mastodon. It's Friday! Hopefully yours goes swimmingly. πŸŒžβ€‹

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For the record, I'm fine, just mentioning it in case anyone else feels like, y'know, unclogging a drain at the same time as occupying a room, or something.

Just a reminder: solvents + enclosed spaces + no ventilation = bad.

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