Speaking of DIY skills and such, I think soap and bread are two of the top "it's easier* than it sounds" things you can make and enjoy a direct, material benefit from.

For example, I used to think you needed a bread machine to make bread. Then I realized, "That can't be right. People have made bread for thousands of years."

I think the process of making things like that has become kind of obscured from us in modern life. But you really can just go out and Make A Thing.



@katwylder You can!

Not to detract from your point, but since it seems relevant, if you have a thrift store near you, there's a good chance they'll have a bread maker for ~$5, and it saves significant amounts of time. (There are certain tradeoffs, but even so, fresh bread!)


@aschmitz @katwylder You can even use the bread machine for the messy / effort requiring bit (kneading), and after the first rise take the dough out of it and proceed in the traditional way (forming bread, further rising, cooking.

That's how I used my bread machine most of the time, back before it broke and I decided not to replace it.

It was convenient to cook bread in it in summer instead of using the oven, however…


@katwylder @valhalla Yup! That's also a good way to make rolls. (Mine also claims to make jellies via controlled heating, but I've never tried.)

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