@iliana What was the library-keeping software you set up? Would you recommend it?

(I have a variety of archives to keep track of, many of which will be getting spit out to tapes, and I'd like to manage their locations, searching for them, etc.. Very few things will have ISBNs, etc. though.)

@aschmitz koha, and I don’t think I’d recommend it for that purpose. it relies heavily on MARC records which I previously joked you have to have a master’s degree to understand

@aschmitz I personally would recommend setting up a small sqlite database for your needs :)

@iliana In practice, this is probably the right answer. Still, though. 🙂​

@iliana Alrighty, thanks. I figure I'll probably already be collecting a decent subset of Dublin Core for these anyway, so I might as well look at library / "archives" / "collections" management software.

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