Ok y'all

Here's my weekend #libreops project. My nephew is a Quadriplegic and I'm undertaking building a PC (MR) gaming rig.

Thus far, his interface with the world is primarily an xbox one, a quadstick, and bluetooth headphones.

I aim to replicate this, to the best of my ability, but i also want to try and mix in tobii eye tracking, and potentially some voice assistant features.

Win 10 is the likely candidate here, as I dont think *nix has a good VA, or Tobii.

Any suggestions / pitfalls?


@chuck I'm not a *huge* fan of macOS, and if you're going for a gaming rig I'm really not sure about the details, but I'll highly suggest checking out talonvoice.com/ , and popping by their Slack to ask for suggestions.

I know the person behind it has been doing super impressive things, and also looking at porting it to other OSes.

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