so i got to the point in THPS1+2 where i unlocked all the regular parks and managed to stumble my way through most of the park goals with the help of a guide, but now the game is like "git gud lol" and i'm about to bail

this game is very fun, up until the point where i need to actually maintain coordination to assemble a huge trick combo or get to a huge score threshold without bailing or do something that actually requires skill, and i'm just getting angry at it too much

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and i ran out of easy things to unlock and my content feed has run dry, lol

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@QuietMisdreavus Is "markedcards" still a thing? I found the game most enjoyable when it was about doing fun stuff, not about the particular skill I had at maintaining a joystick at the right angle. (Although some cheats were probably over the top.)

@QuietMisdreavus (It occurs to me that "markedcards" was actually THPS3, but still. Cheats in general.)

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