finally actually thinking about how to interior decorate my room, over two weeks after moving in

i fuckin want a whiteboard, smart lights, blackout curtains, and a cube organizer + dresser

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could also use a wall-mounted/pastable powerstrip or two :3c

oh no is this how kit falls into consumerism

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also a rug, and a chair that i didn't get for $20 at a thrift store.

i appreciate cheap finds but this thing can be so much more comfy for how much time i spend sitting on it

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if i were still working i'd hack myself up a poor man's smartboard with an lcd tv and a touchscreen overlay, and a raspberry pi.

however, i don't feel like dropping hundreds on anything right now

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@KitRedgrave Can you buy a touchscreen overlay of reasonable size for a "reasonable" (<$300 for one) price?

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