ok spicier take, but metadata about the content, themes, and endings of media resources is what librarians exist for, and such queries as “queer × fantasy × adult audience × no lesbians die × happy ending” would be entirely within reach with a well-funded and well-stocked library system attentive to the needs of various communities

muting that down to a sliding-scale sticker on a book cover or a line at the top of a review is hilarious in how entirely it fails to perceive the problem

@aschmitz i am definitely interested in this sort of thing but there are both pros and cons to trying to community-source it

ideally i would like to see both community efforts and paid librarianship positions working together in harmony

@jellyfish_link Sure. But I have Opinions on librarian-built resources, and they center around them not being as available as they should be (in my opinion). Nothing but respect for the effort librarians put in! Just that a good framework around it would be good too.

@aschmitz oh yeah i mean my goal is sort of “librarians but no libraries”. i think librarianship is important but i have problems with the current institutions and how they operate

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