two days in and six old xeon cores have yet to find me a v3 onion address beginning with "reclaimtech" in case you're keeping track at home

(a "reclaim" v3 onion address was found in slightly less than two hours on the same six xeon cores, for comparison)

@djsundog Is this something a GPU would help with? It feels like it would be, but I don't know what the derivation algorithm looks like these days.

@aschmitz apparently, yeah, and there are other v3 onion hash generators that will use GPU, but the one I'm using (mkp224o) doesn't have any support for it anyway (which is why I didn't bother grabbing something else tbh since I don't have any decent GPUs around this joint anyway)


@djsundog Fair enough. I used to have a decent GPU, but then they changed what a decent GPU was. Now, what I have isn't decent, and what's decent seems weird and scary to me.

Or something like that.

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