@djsundog I'm amused that they stopped using Mr. Yuk because too many kids thought it meant things were toys. Design (and semiotics, I guess?) is hard.

@aschmitz @djsundog We didn't think it meant things were toys.

We were subversive kids and we handed them out as "these are cool, they don't want us to like these, so we're gonna stick them on the wrong things"

That won't get mentioned because you can't admit that you screwed up thinking that kids would just blindly follow their orders


@Truck @djsundog Eh, sure, older kids love them some subversion (see: the popularity of "this is not a place of honor [...]" around here), but the idea of the sticker was to be repulsive to kids who were too young to have been reliably taught not to consume dangerous substances, and it didn't work: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/649641

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