@Leaf Typographical question I assume you'll be able to answer off the top of your head: if I'm putting section numbers inline before a section heading, what's the appropriate amount of space to use to separate them?

@aschmitz don’t think there’s any standard, but i would go for any of

• An em space, in printed material
• Two spaces, in monospace material (many RFCs do this)
• A flexible amount to ensure that all section headings start at the same point in the page (e.g., fixing the section numbers to be three digits wide plus a space)
• A single space

@Leaf Thanks! I had somehow forgotten about the possibility of leaving a (mostly) fixed width for section numbering, but the rest is good too. (Mostly I was trying to figure out whether an em or en would be appropriate. 🙂)

@aschmitz in my informal experience, sometimes with an en it can be hard for people to tell whether the extra space is accidental or intentional. so i tend to favour emspaces because they make it very clear

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