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really getting sick of corporate copy writers' bullshit, friends

y'know what would really improve my experience on your site, Paypal? less bullshit while you try and productize my use of your sketch-ass services.

an entire bullshit industry built around processing payment transactions between two parties that exists solely because the financial institutions that already do this work, namely banks and credit unions, continue to use the oldest, least capable systems for handling bank transfers possible while they turn around and underwrite the IPOs of these shit companies. fucking rackets everywhere. and I cannot stand tennis goddammit!

y'know how oauth lets you go to a site, say "yeah, my auth info is handled by foo dot org" and then it hands you off to foo dot org to get authed and bring back a token proving you're you that the original site can verify from their end by asking foo dot org about it?

that could be banking, but the banks don't want you to have things that easy. far too few opportunities for them to extract monies from the transactions if it's smooth sailing.


@djsundog For what it's worth, I have it on good authority from colleagues who have had the (ahem) pleasure of working with banks and their systems that the interoperability problems are less "we want to extract money" and more "bank transfers are FTPSing over a poorly-formatted CSV nightly because that's what the System/360 behind everything generates/expects".


re: banks 

@djsundog Arguably things are getting better in this regard, see faster FedWire clearance rates that are racheting up, and so on, but it's still not where we'd like. (Then again, Europe has requirements for, say, interoperability of getting data from your bank, but it's nigh-unusable anyway because everyone's implementation is different and often incomplete. So there's a way to go everywhere.)

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