@ajroach42 Looks like NPR commissioned a Microface action figure head as well. On a phone so I can't easily tell if the .zip has any license information, but since you'd mentioned the character before, you might find it interesting:

(Also they've done a whole series on Microface, which I assume you're familiar with, but if not, you might find it entertaining.)

@aschmitz Thank you so much for sharing this, this answers the ongoing question we've had about why Microface comics were suddenly selling.

their head has round ear holes, where the original had triangular ear flaps, which is an odd choice.

No license information in the file, and it's just a head, which is such a weird choice.

@aschmitz I was not familiar with the series at all. Worth listening to?

@ajroach42 Probably? It starts off with some background on rescuing out of copyright superheroes, which might be up your alley, then goes into merchandising and how that whole thing works, which may or may not be interesting to you. Probably an hour or so total of podcasts? I think they're worth a listen, but if it's not interesting after the first couple, it doesn't change a ton after that. They are working on finishing their own comic, which might explain increased interest in yours. 🙂

@ajroach42 They claim it's supposed to fit on to another action figure, I think from a Star Wars series? They didn't specify very much in the podcast, but they may well be happy to answer questions.

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