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Is there a good place I can host ~20 gigabytes of extremely static content? I have it on this same host, but it's somehow sustaining something like 10mbps average and the CPU overhead is surprisingly nontrivial. (The site hosts CC-licensed copies of a set of textbooks.) Don't want CloudFlare for a few reasons.

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@aschmitz 20 gigs might run up some nice storage charges, but i use NFSN for my own static sites with no problems

@QuietMisdreavus Yeah, I'm mostly concerned about bandwidth. They don't currently track it, I just don't want to mess with their stuff.

@QuietMisdreavus (Er, to be clear, I like their service, I just don't want to use a bunch of bandwidth and then blow up their costs.)

@aschmitz @QuietMisdreavus Dropbox and Google drive are generally my go-to for stuff like this. (unless it's high profile enough you're worried about getting takedowns, which seems unlikely for only 20gb of content)

@QuietMisdreavus @nightpool Seems unlikely to get takedowns now (though I'm 99% sure it would have in the first few years), but it's also browsable online as a bunch of HTML, and I don't think Dropbox or Google Drive are big fans of doing that.