New poster day!

(Based on a design by "untitled.bmp".)

One nice thing about having access to a big printer is that I can think "I want more colorful posters" one day, and put these up on the office wall the next day.

(hat tip to @iliana for the cat SVG)

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Help, my floor is filling up with Pokémon posters.

(lightly overlapping posters showing the original 151 Pokémon from four generations of game art)

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These seem to go together. Cold but nice.

(I guess the name for this these days is "aesthetic"?)

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Presented without comment.

(a "heckers" game)

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Happy winter, northern hemisphere folks!

(a mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a spoon)

My new hobby: getting things addressed to "aschmitz ​" if forced to enter a first and last name and in the process testing Unicode handling. (That's "aschmitz" as a first name, and "\u200b", or a zero-width space, as a last name. It doesn't trip most "is this string blank?" checks.)

FedEx's internal thing appears to work okay (or doesn't have an unknown-character fallback?), but their full-size label maker drops to a "?". Cards Against Humanity (and I assume Blackbox) goes with "‰ÛÜ" (I think).

Felt like playing with topography.

Newly finished laptop jase!

(handmade denim laptop case with a ThinkPad sticking out of it)

I made a different thing, but I didn't like it very much. Instead, have some pastels.