Presented without comment.

(a "heckers" game)

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Happy winter, northern hemisphere folks!

(a mug of hot chocolate, marshmallows, and a spoon)

My new hobby: getting things addressed to "aschmitz ​" if forced to enter a first and last name and in the process testing Unicode handling. (That's "aschmitz" as a first name, and "\u200b", or a zero-width space, as a last name. It doesn't trip most "is this string blank?" checks.)

FedEx's internal thing appears to work okay (or doesn't have an unknown-character fallback?), but their full-size label maker drops to a "?". Cards Against Humanity (and I assume Blackbox) goes with "‰ÛÜ" (I think).

Felt like playing with topography.

Newly finished laptop jase!

(handmade denim laptop case with a ThinkPad sticking out of it)

I made a different thing, but I didn't like it very much. Instead, have some pastels.

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Hot chocolate kind of day.

(Also for the stimulant effect, because tired.)

From "How Not To Be Python" (Python all on one line without statements or whitespace)

# tired
x = 2

# wired

it's not quite as hot -
more cool air moves in the city
new desk art is up

(Chris McVeigh's "Emperor Bonsai: Red Maple" LEGO model.)

Really pretty happy with how my phone case turned out. (Hard to describe as alt text: squares of colors with random saturations and shifting hues with random rotations and offsets that increase with distance from the center of the bottom.)

I was curious about the "default" genders of emoji from the main 3 vendors (when you specify, say, "zombie" without ZWJ + gender symbol). Google's about as balanced as they can get, but all three have more male defaults than female defaults.

It's cold in the office, but I stashed a blanket away in the summer for this eventuality. Friday continues to be good.