I feel like I'm playing a particularly unusual (and slow) idle clicker.

It's basically the equinox, so cities with east/west streets have sunrises and sunsets that run the whole length of the street. Particularly remarkable in Chicago, where streets are largely on a grid.

Someone left a bunch of chalk out for collaborative sidewalk art. Neat.

I can only assume DHL is practicing international touch-and-gos with my delivery.

food-ish, coffee, non-vegan 

Journal of negative(ish) results, food: 1/6th of a dalgona coffee, adding some hot chocolate powder, by hand. There was roughly no way it was going to turn out correctly, but I figured I'd try it. Didn't get nearly the right amount of fluffiness, but my understanding is that's down to the volume of mixture and the fact that I was whipping it by hand.


Gotta catch 'em all!

One of each variety of Girl Scout cookies produced this year, from both bakeries. (Surprisingly hard to source cookies from the "other" bakery unless you live on the border of two councils. I ordered mine online.)

@SuricrasiaOnline A local big box electronics store had these on display. I considered trying to buy the whole thing and part it out across the fediverse. (Didn't.)

(CC @djsundog A Heathkit!)

food, work-adj 

A coworker brought in "leftover cupcakes from a party this weekend". Now I'm curious.

I had forgotten the distinct "something is happening, right now" buzz of high-tension power lines. Took a minute to recognize it over the wind and sleet.

I like being able to go from "hmm, flying toasters" to "I liked After Dark screensavers!" to getting an emulator and rendering several screenshots to having several large posters on my bedroom wall in a few hours.

I think IKEA has gotten queerer since the last time I was here.

(This is emphatically not a complaint.)

(Not pictured: several queer-coded groups, including one woman with a shirt reading "could not be any gayer".)

New poster day! Quite happy with these, particularly as my first foray into Processing(.org).

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