@mdhughes So we can truly say that @djsundog (and friends) built this city.

They built this city...

🎢 on rock and roll. 🎢

@er1n Yeah, that'll probably do it if you can get a debugger for the part and it's not locked out. OpenOCD and a J-Link (Edu?) would probably get you what you need, and I'd bet you can scrounge up the latter. Security cameras probably should, but I'd guess even odds they don't.

@er1n Hard to say without a board photo. Does it have an FCC ID on it? They'll usually have a board photo (although sometimes of a different revision, whether or not that's legal). Being able to ID all the chips on it would be handy too, of course.

@er1n [insert general suggestion for dumping flash memory regardless]

@esvrld I'm already not following you, which means I've retroactively unfollowed you, which means time probably isn't real, which means I should have followed you, but...

@pamela @djsundog
You glitter sixteen tons, what do you get?
Another day brighter and goals well met.


@KitRedgrave So, uh, do the tasks? πŸ˜›

(For that matter, there's also Project Euler.)

(Also, disagree that your statement about learning applies to everyone, but that's a different conversation. πŸ˜‰)

@KitRedgrave Well, there's Rosetta Code (see, in particular, rosettacode.org/wiki/Category: ), which will probably exercise a lot of any given language. A lot of the usual things tend to be context-dependent. Building a binary tree and handling a to-do list are the ones that come to mind as most common, but obviously they're typically most useful for very different languages.

food, funpost 

@KitRedgrave If you're looking, @scoots did one for me that turned out quite well! (And was also criminally underpriced, so maybe pay more if you can. πŸ˜‰)

See also mastodon.art/@scoots/103720404 .

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