@KitRedgrave "Them", she says, deliberately implying she isn't one of "them". 😛

@KitRedgrave I [do not actually] regret to inform you that this is not actually the main problem with that.

@KitRedgrave Can you buy a touchscreen overlay of reasonable size for a "reasonable" (<$300 for one) price?

re: morbid, death, money 

re: morbid, death, money 

re: morbid, death, money 

morbid, death, money 

@QuietMisdreavus (It occurs to me that "markedcards" was actually THPS3, but still. Cheats in general.)

@QuietMisdreavus Is "markedcards" still a thing? I found the game most enjoyable when it was about doing fun stuff, not about the particular skill I had at maintaining a joystick at the right angle. (Although some cheats were probably over the top.)

@gdkar Having done similar things in my day, this is clearly a job done quick with some limitations, but also it has strain relief and did its job, so... not bad?

@jellyfish_link I want to see the output of said group, but am not able to commit to actually doing those things right now. 😞

@KitRedgrave A "kit of parts" joke seems like it would fit in here.

@jellyfish_link I can only assume this is third-person writing of yourself.

re: washington state, tacoma, seattle region 

@QuietMisdreavus Good news, some include nonlinear transformations too!

(Signed, someone who recently spent an evening implementing sRGB to XYZ to LUV to LCh_{uv} and back with a user-defined illuminant.)

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