@jellyfish_link If everyone hates you, then I must hate you. I do not hate you, therefore not everyone hates you. QishED, three dots, square, etc.

music, longish visually 

@djsundog Somehow I go for ddrescue over dd half the time. Better defaults and gives some benefits if the source is iffy.


@jellyfish_link Please tell me there was more context immediately afterwards. ("I hate reading serializations of Hallmark movies.", for example.)

@djsundog Dino's Bar and Grill is gonna get real interesting, real fast.


@KitRedgrave I'll just mention that if you all knew how to technically build the thing, you're further ahead than many dev teams from what I've seen. 😉

@jellyfish_link Okay, but this also sounds like the kind of fic I'd expect you to write if you just went for guilty pleasure and weren't a stickler for the overall layout of the thing.

@KitRedgrave Ah, no, I meant that you'd include the libraries in your code for minification, then tree shake the whole thing. Saves you from sending parts of the libraries you don't use. (And in general if you're at the point of counting bytes, you really shouldn't be using libraries from another server/file. The added latency is significant unless your page is *huge*.)

@KitRedgrave It's still smaller if you do it right (reuse the same identifier in different scopes, make certain things more consistent, and they'll compress better), but tree shaking is where the real benefit comes in: removing code you wrote or included, but didn't use, especially an issue when using libraries.

(Yes, I know some people are too cool for libraries, and if it works for them, cool, but I use them judiciously to save time for things I prefer to do.)

@jellyfish_link Sure. But I have Opinions on librarian-built resources, and they center around them not being as available as they should be (in my opinion). Nothing but respect for the effort librarians put in! Just that a good framework around it would be good too.

@djsundog All that *and* a Daft Punk set? You've got a very, very, very fine house.

@jellyfish_link Scent-related memories can make things nice even if the smell itself isn't normally nice! (Also, ranches can just smell like pasture, depending on which way the wind is blowing.)

@jellyfish_link I've wondered that in some cases. I guess for some things normalizing the words so they can hit more naïve filters might be of value? But I'm unclear on the value of a CW on something that's specific enough that the CW dumps it on you anyway.

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