@shekkiesqueaks Seems vaguely up to date, but kind of terse in a lot of places. (For example, it doesn't talk about the modes for NFSv4, which you more or less have to use if you care about security, but it does say you should look into it.) Unfortunately, I'm not aware of many good overall guides. A lot of recent tuning / etc. is all hidden in blogs.

@KitRedgrave There's a distinct lack of sun much of the year. Strong memories of going to work in darkness, seeing the sun during the trek across the parking lot and back for lunch, and then leaving work and it being dark until lunch again.

But other than that I liked it. So maybe you would! (If you're okay with the cold, because, well, Scandinavia.)

(Note that this was technically just off of Scandinavia, but I think it qualifies.)

@srn On anything in particular, or generalized?

@nightpool Yes, certainly. (Also, congrats! 🎉​)

@kibi Often, yes. Depends on the library. Sometimes they also offer online access to services like that too, usually authenticated with your library card or some library account. (Sometimes it's a proxy from the library, sometimes it's something set up with the newspaper / database / whatever.)

@er1n @srn I, too, need to get around to doing this, if only because I enjoy the soundtrack and might as well see the thing itself.

@srn @er1n It's a Netflix series that appears to appeal to people with nostalgia for the 90s and who enjoy sci-fi, I think? (Maybe a little horror?) I haven't actually seen it, but it seems reasonably popular. Having not meaningfully seen either one, I think it's basically "this generation's Twin Peaks", if that makes any sense.

@srn @er1n Stranger Things reference, I'm guessing?

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@srn Well, that'll do it then. 🙂​

@srn I can say with some certainty that I've heard it before (because, well), but I don't actually know which one you're referring to off the top of my head, no. 😕​

@srn Well, we at least know that a fair percentage of them are charm[ing].

@chr Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde from Pac-Man qualifies as telling you the names of the enemies in the credits, but not at the (nonexistent) end.

@bea I don't know if a thundering herd of "welcome back"s is welcome or not. But. It's nice to see you around. Hope you're doing well. :blobpats:

@KitRedgrave 👋​ 'morning. Enjoy your breakfast! 🥞​

Resolution for the rest of the night: fewer takes, more sleeping. 'night, folks.

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@noelle Five. (Fifes only come in bundles of 5, don'tchaknow.)

(Yes, I know.)