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@SuricrasiaOnline If it doesn't come from the Thompson region of Trustlandia it's just sparkling annealing.

@SuricrasiaOnline Simply stop using it, and it will cease to terrify you!

@porsupah @djsundog Yeah, I think I just kept rolling on with it before I got further in the sentence. "Eh, seems like a Sundog type thing."

@brennen @djsundog Okay, but I would not be surprised if Sundog had an Apple IIc.

@djsundog 'bout to be a different kind of murder of crows?

@djsundog Ugh. I have whole lists, even if just in my mind. Yes, CRIME and BEAST are neat technical attacks. No, they're almost certainly not being used against you(r website). Yes you should install the latest updates, but the fact that your phone crashed last month doesn't correlate very well with someone exploiting it: we're just still not great at writing software.

@ajroach42 You're probably doing this, but of course being appreciative of the staff *towards the staff* is also super valuable, both during and at the end of the day. 👍 (In the meantime, managing the line and chatting with folks in it can sometimes improve the mood of people who would otherwise be annoyed at timing, and prominently updating what things are unavailable will reduce annoyance and dwell time when trying to order.)

@ajroach42 I remain moderately convinced that "real" cameras - even if nominally point and shoot digital cameras of some vintage - are much better at creating a pleasing picture than webcams, between the white balance control, depth of field, and (often) better sensors, but it does up the difficulty (and sometimes cost) a bit. I've successfully used to hook up some cameras that way, but there are other options too.

@SuricrasiaOnline Personal Fome Page. That, or Primary Fare Physician.

@joeyh After the turn of the first millennium, perhaps.

@djsundog @ajroach42 1/100,000s, for when you really need a detailed photo of sunspots, and have lenses but no filters.

@djsundog @PINE64 A year since the blog mentioned PineCom, seems promising from the highlight in the video: We'll see in a few hours. Race you to preorder, I suppose. 😉

@SuricrasiaOnline Yes, but probably not if you store the probability in an IEEE double. (Depends on the size of the objects, there.)

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