@suricrasia I would absolutely attempt hopscotching across them. This may or may not actually prevent injuries, come to think of it.

@ajroach42 @djsundog @jonbro I think Balena (of Etcher fame) makes something for this that seemed mostly reasonable. Of course you can probably do good enough with a shell script and dd, but you may be willing to pay for someone to have already done the work and testing for you.

@suricrasia Two-liter Georg, who lives in a lab & is pressurized to over 10,000 tPa each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted.

@poiseunderchaos @djsundog

The sound of 🌾🌾 off in the distance
I'm getting used to it now

@iliana "PRs welcome"

(I am maybe halfway joking, depending on context.)

@ajroach42 Prometheus has typically been pretty lightweight in my experience, and Grafana pointed at it has very little server-side resource requirements.

@djsundog Dunno, 640*480 feels like it's probably a lot more than 4,000. Maybe you came out ahead!

(I'm glad you got it fixed and I can make the joke now. :blobpats:)

@ajroach42 Knowing only what I've seen about you from the Fediverse, you seem like you'd probably be pretty good at it. Good luck!

@djsundog :blobpats: This Sundog can fit so many musical references in it.

@suricrasia The Wilhelm Scream Alarm might be a touch more effective, certainly at getting attention.

@iliana Computer computer, computer computer computer.

@doiheart @ajroach42 Reminds me of at least one person's confusion with The Sound of Music being split over two tapes: thisamericanlife.org/717/audie

@KitRedgrave I thought 10? But either way, enough for some okay image generation, I think, with the AUTOMATIC1111 thing probably being the easiest option.

@KitRedgrave At least desktop RAM is a lot cheaper than video card RAM!

@KitRedgrave Looks like there are cut-down versions that *might* fit on your card? Ought to be able to do some image generation on it as well.

@KitRedgrave Good luck! General rule of thumb seems to be that amount of [video] RAM is often a limiting factor. Past that you can go faster by spending more money, but without enough RAM you're going to have a lot more trouble / find that it's not possible. (Though there may be settings you can drop, like batch sizes, that decrease the required RAM but increase the time required, worth trying that if you don't otherwise have enough.)

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