@djsundog Well, since I assume you'll be at least the Sundogistani emissary, we should probably sort it out. Put a pot on and let's get started.

@KitRedgrave I don't feel that this is any more true than it was before networking on computers was popular. At that time, you were free to do something that only you wanted, it was hard to change anyone else's thing that did what they wanted (unless they wanted you to), and the things you did would only spread if you could convince other people that they wanted at least some part of it as well. All of that seems true today, no? (The barrier to entry feels high today, but it was then too.)

@djsundog Which version of the song jumped into the reader's head probably says... something, anyway.

@djsundog On the contrary, aren't you too sexy for, well, all of the above?

(Just need to find a Fred on the fediverse.)

@Truck @djsundog Eh, sure, older kids love them some subversion (see: the popularity of "this is not a place of honor [...]" around here), but the idea of the sticker was to be repulsive to kids who were too young to have been reliably taught not to consume dangerous substances, and it didn't work: pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/649641

@djsundog I'm amused that they stopped using Mr. Yuk because too many kids thought it meant things were toys. Design (and semiotics, I guess?) is hard.

re: likely not what your looking for 

@djsundog Fair enough. I used to have a decent GPU, but then they changed what a decent GPU was. Now, what I have isn't decent, and what's decent seems weird and scary to me.

Or something like that.

@djsundog Is this something a GPU would help with? It feels like it would be, but I don't know what the derivation algorithm looks like these days.


@djsundog I'm sure there's at least a week or two a year you can find someone in the Luxor to sell you computer components. 😉

@KitRedgrave I mean, purely speculating, but the way it's phrased implies that you're looking down on one or both, but sort of flirting with looking for some solution to the latter. 🤷

@KitRedgrave Yeah, Dark Star absolutely seems like the sort of thing you'd enjoy. 🙂

I don't want to analyze the source of the question too much because it may end up being less than neighborly, but I think I'd suggest that perhaps it's worth examining the framing given that people *in* the situation may not have any reason to distinguish the options. 🤷

@KitRedgrave Presumably belief is belief, so I don't know how you'd distinguish them.

But when I hear "purpose in life", I mostly think of the samples of "Dark Star" (worth a watch if you haven't seen it; you'd probably enjoy it) in Antiloop's "Purpose in Life". ("What is your one purpose in life?" "To explode, of course.")

@djsundog I will say that the guy who maintains libinput seems quite helpful and approachable, but also that it's literally just one guy making roughly every touchpad work on Linux in a reasonable way. So, y'know, he does his best.

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