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Oh hey. Just upgraded Mastodon to glitch-soc's tip-of-tree from, uh, 2.4.3. So that'll be a year's worth of updates in a few hours, and hopefully I can start seeing messages from some of y'all I've missed them from for authentication reasons.

@djsundog One of these days I need to get a convenient way to pipe @nowplaying into something that actually makes music over here.

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re: more 3d printing experience gained 

re: more 3d printing experience gained 

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3d printers 

@djsundog Consider increasing your wall thickness and/or decreasing the wall travel speed, too.

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@velexiraptor Well it's no fair doing the same to others, then! 😛

@djsundog These Carmen Sandiego plots keep getting weirder.

@djsundog You've undoubtedly seen this advice already, but do get yourself a couple extra extruder nozzles now, if you think you're going to use it much or try exotic filaments. Ones with stuff in them (wood, glitter, etc.), in particular, are known for ruining them pretty quickly.

@faehnrich @djsundog Or that one of the most popular MCU bootloaders (de facto default for many chips) is run by Juul.

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