@ajroach42 Stripe's pretty alright from everything I can tell. (I don't work there or use them, but I know people who do both, so let me know if you run into weird problems.) If you get a ton of chargebacks on low volume, you'll still have problems, but a complaint or so shouldn't tank things, and they won't automatically kick you off for anything you're likely to to.


Idly wondering how many people have found themselves wandering through the parking lot of that invisible 7-11.

@djsundog Yeah, but she's been around that track a few times, so it's not just gonna happen like that.

@KitRedgrave You and I appear to have different definitions of "simple", Kit.

re: food 

@ajroach42 Feels like it might be a GPT/MBR thing. Possibly secure boot is enabled and shouldn't be, I guess.

@djsundog Isn't today just the day anointed for basking in your demo performance?

@SuricrasiaOnline If you squint at it the right way, RSA gives you the first one if you're allowed a keyed hash. If the key is a memory-hard hash of the pubkey you kinda get the second, but not nearly as well as something like time-lock stuff.

@ajroach42 I'm remembering a fairly specific episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but I suspect you have a different meaning of snake in mind. 🙂

@SuricrasiaOnline Don't know how many would be classified as books, but as a category, specifications written either by the people who designed a thing or with deep knowledge of it, but *after* it was designed. So K&R, the PDF spec, maybe the Excel file format spec. Those tend to pick up people cramming in as much "oh hey, did you know...?" as they can fit before they forget it.

@IsabelleHellraiser If it's "hey, check out this song", a heads-up might be good before I start buying their stuff or whatever. If it's background music in a cafe, just play whatever you think is reasonable. Lines can get blurry between those, of course.

@Leaf Other people already do that for them, so...

math, abstruse reference that's not actually obscure if you understood the previous message 

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