@KitRedgrave macOS has practically become hostile to me at this point, and the hardware isn't great for anything else, so... nah. But if it works for you, great!

@KitRedgrave Moved to business laptops, haven't looked back. There was a MacBook Pro for a number of years, but they've become annoying, so now on to Lenovo/Dell business (*not* home) options.

@QuietMisdreavus No worries! It'd be cool, but you do other cool things, so I'm not worried. 🙂​

@KitRedgrave Naps are good. I recommend naps. (And pats. :blobpats:​)

@QuietMisdreavus <elongated>Do it.</elongated>

(Y'know, if you want, etc., but it sounds fun. A+, would waste a day at work.)

@nightpool @KitRedgrave I'm still pretty confident this can be done in one linear pass, but I haven't written up the code yet.

(Words-as-vague-justification: track the "last run". When transitioning from + to -, save the "last run" pointers and its sum (and consider marking it as the best current slice) and track the - sum on the way, when transitioning from - to +, if abs(negative sum) < abs("last run"), include the last run and negative run in the current run, treat it like a + number.)

@body We all have backups of the N0,000 most-starred projects, right?

(And for those without, presumably most developers have a local copy of their repos.)

@KitRedgrave @kibi Hydrazine's not solid! (Also not really compatible with life, but hey.)

@KitRedgrave @kibi Nothing like a nice cup of hydrazine in the morning.

@kibi I'd probably be vibrating too much to judge much of anything. 😛​ (Take your tea however you like it! That's why it's your tea!)

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@QuietMisdreavus "look under your seats! you all get razors! get to shaving."

@bea I get so many things done on the train on the way to work every day. Yay commuter rail (over subways, which I mostly can't work on).

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@KitRedgrave Pretty sure it can still be done in O(n) time and O(1) space even so. Solution is left to the Kit, at least until I wake up and realize I'm wrong. 🙂 'night.

@KitRedgrave Oh, we're allowing negative entries? I'd have to think more on that. But I won't, because 😴. Maybe in the morning. (Maybe you should sleep too?)