@QuietMisdreavus I won't be able to get to it this morning, but it should be a simple monkeypatch. I assume you're using the HTML output rather than anything else?

(Not 100% sure how to get Jekyll to load such a patch, since I haven't actually used it, but I have tons of experience with Kramdown fixes. 🙂)

@gdkar *flips through notes* It is... not. Happy Friday!

@QuietMisdreavus Kramdown can definitely be patched to do this with a fairly minimal patch if it doesn't already.

@joeyh Is it possible there's... a lot of stone near those zipcodes that would make it the notable industry nearby?

@anarchiv Well, the most important thing is that the rename be done methodically. But perhaps the "legal document compartment"?

@jellyfish_link So the future tense here...

(It's you. You're a Zelda scholar.)

@jellyfish_link It does seem you might be ignoring the difference between smut and "a story, generally" from what you've been saying for a while, yes.

@er1n I mean, I think that gets you a Kerberos server so I guess? Helps if your devices are managed by that so they're hosts known to krb.

@er1n Kerberized NFS is surprisingly stable once you've got it set up, but a bit of a pain before that if you don't have Kerberos running yet. Also a little annoying if you want to run things as multiple users.


KVM on old hardware: significantly faster than pure qemu on newer hardware. No real surprise. Would be nice to figure out why virt-manager doesn't think there's KVM on my desktop, however.

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Racing VMs. Why am I racing VMs, anyway? 😕

How have I gotten affects/effects wrong like three times this week?

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