@ajroach42 Thunderbird for personal stuff, Evolution for work. (On different computers, obviously.)

(Why? No particular reason. Sometimes I switch. Evolution does Exchange a bit better, which is sometimes useful, but you can get Thunderbird to do most of that with enough tinkering too, and with luck you don't have to care about Exchange anyway.)

@ajroach42 The state of the art on this is not great in terms of automation. If you're trying to stimulate an attack, you do what attackers do (find the most "expensive" page to render, hit it as hard as you can). If you're just trying to test for real users, maybe record a few normal sessions into a HAR file and look at something like github.com/mrichman/hargo on several DO droplets or some other short-term VPS provider?

re: Overheard at the coffee shop 

@ajroach42 You have nice hair! At least from the photos I've seen. 🀷

re: Overheard at the coffee shop 

@ajroach42 Do I want to know what kind of hair that guy had? πŸ˜•

@suricrasia Has the same feeling as aqua styling a la early OS X. Cool tech demo, but not realistic, and quickly dated.

@suricrasia If you care about the details, the details matter here. Unicode can give you a couple chapters on case folding, canonicalization, etc. (see Unicode TR #30), but the short version is that in the generic case you'll need to use the data files supplied by Unicode, probably preprocessing them first. Or use something rather heavyweight like libicu that does it for you. (Or hardcode it for the languages you care about, but that always feels bad.)

@suricrasia "Evaluate any `else` block if RAX == 0 upon reaching it" isn't the *worst* possible interpretation, but good luck if you want to compile with any warnings on.

@suricrasia After some time, viewings slow down enough that a few geographically-distributed people are assigned to keep looking from time to time. It's a stable configuration until one of the Europeans gets sick and forgets to call their reserve, and the other is in a car accident. South America slowly gets more dangerous.

@suricrasia libvips has always looked interesting, but I struggle with the thought of integrating a pile of C, for reading images no less, into anything I care about. There's reportedly a WebAssembly version that could probably be turned into a sandboxed version with a little effort, but also maybe you're not dealing with potentially-malicious input and C is fine.

@cinebox @SuricrasiaOnline Reminds me of the Apple-Option-Q-T bootup Easter egg in Mac OS boot when loading the QuickTime extension? (It showed a picture or movie of the development team, depending on the version.)

@suetanvil @ajroach42 Oh, yeah, they'll totally read ePubs and PDFs fine, I think the question was about sources for buying them though.

@ajroach42 Possibly? I know if you have a Kobo e-reader, there's a Calibre plugin ("Obok") to turn them into DRM-free ePubs. That's good enough for me, but if you want to encourage DRM-free sellers by buying from them, you may have to find one. I haven't looked recently, but unfortunately it's hard to find them (that aren't just sketchy resellers of libgen files) for books from popular publishers. 😞

@ajroach42 Kobo is at least arguably better than most, as it'll give a kickback to an independent bookstore if you set it up in advance: kobo.com/indie Still run by Rakuten, but it's not Amazon.

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