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@KitRedgrave Yeah. Welcome to infrastructure work. It can be engaging if you find enjoyable stuff! But otherwise it's just a hassle.

(Dunno what Nix uses, but Netplan should make a static IP address like three minutes of work, two of which are confirming the right lines and numbers for your situation.)

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@SuricrasiaOnline Alternatively, early morning on January 19, 2038, which would be even more puzzling personally.

@KitRedgrave All that comes to mind is "Homer Simpson, Smiling Politely".

@jellyfish_link I had to go back to the top of this thread because I initially read it as "the QVC website", which is a *very* different thing.

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@djsundog It's just a jump to the left, _and then a click to the riiight_.

long, re: android security question 

long, re: commerce, books 

@djsundog Definitely looks like your jam. Welcome back! Whatcha playing today?

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@iliana I *think* you could do this on APub already? (Might break the spec a *bit*? But everything should have the necessary identifiers.)

@KitRedgrave Ha, yeah... I've been there before. It's all reproducible until the mirrors you're depending on move something or go away. 😞 ('course, you can push "mirror all of your dependencies" onto your yak stack, but that quickly multiplies too, especially if you want *that* to be reproducible in some fashion, or recoverable from backups. How much you care is up to you, but often not "I must be able to reinstall everything with no network.".)

@joeyh There's speculation that it seems to be some cookie-related thing or something, as reloading once appears to always fix the issue. It is weird, agreed.

@jellyfish_link @kindle Except that the words in Codenames appear deliberately chosen to support multiple different meanings for each word. Of course it could be multiple things! That's the point!

I agree that some words can be nouns sometimes and not-nouns sometimes, but both are related to the meaning of the word. πŸ˜‰β€‹

@jellyfish_link @kindle I would argue "can be a noun" can be abbreviated to "noun" when you only get one word. πŸ˜‰

(I would also argue that "is / can be a noun" can be a property of a word, and that the "might be a noun as part of a sentence" you're thinking of is a "noun phrase" even if it's only a single word, if we're arguing semantics, but I don't know if that position is well-supported by others or not.)

@jellyfish_link @kindle I'm not sure I agree. I would say the game assumes you're putting the words in a context and picking a meaning based on that, so "Washington" could mean a general or a state or several other things, but all are valid clues.

(Now, maybe if your partner said "noun", you'd say "All of these could be nouns! We'll never know what you meant!", but I like to think you're more clever than that. πŸ™‚)

@jellyfish_link @kindle I would argue that words are only more than an ordered collection of letters because they have meaning, so any property of the word is related to its meaning.

(I also don't think there's any obligation in the game to use only a word that is an exact specifier of the targets: you couldn't successfully argue against "red" for "apple" just because green apples exist.)

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