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@KitRedgrave Remote X / VNC / RDP, or maybe Parsec if you're gaming?

re: fast food, covid adj 

@KitRedgrave You've been pretty vague about the thing, so I can't really say much there.

Sometimes people do things to have done them. Sometimes people do things to have something nice exist. Sometimes people do things to improve things for other people. Sometimes people do things for pay.

It's nice to have other people appreciate something you've done, but for me at least that's rarely the point. πŸ€·β€‹

@djsundog @PINE64 Right? I was dreaming up a small 1U cluster in bed this morning.

mostly joking 

@jellyfish_link "Prize card"? Is there a second generation of the TCG? (I only played it shortly after it came out the first time around.)

@djsundog Naturally, Google Play Music is actually still working. (So I'm told, anyway.)

@SuricrasiaOnline O-oh. I'll be right back; I have some decorations I need to rearrange.

re: surveillance capitalism 

@jellyfish_link Bright colors and clearly defined goals? 🀷

@jellyfish_link Are we talking "warm songs for a cold winter", or "songs as cold as winter"?

re: uspol, shitpost, death 

@jellyfish_link Literature also often takes far longer to consume than a film.

irreverent pol 

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