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@kindle I mean, sure, I think people should care about the things they do, buti suppose this conversation is also why they don't have to if they don't want to.

@kindle Well, then that's why you'd provide a print version, no?

@lordbowlich @djsundog @nivex Also depends on how it's powered, as many can't start heating again without electricity. And yeah, if you're just abandoning a house to the cold, winterizing everything is a good plan. (For those reading along: turn off the incoming water, open all the faucets, flush the toilets until empty or use antifreeze, open any outside spigots, and consider turning off power to any furnace/water heater.)

@Leaf This does not normally seem like something you'd complain about.

@djsundog @nivex Eh, that's a bit more questionable. I guess if your hot water tank is dangerous (about to freeze, or above the leaky pipe), sure, but in many disasters it's a fine source of clean water if something goes wrong and you get a boil order. (As long as you've turned off the intake first.)

@djsundog Maybe he'll finally get that Earth-shattering kaboom.

@djsundog YOLO3 (or whatever) + Imagenet on the copter plus LoRa broadcasts could be entertaining. "It thinks it sees a dog! It must be over there!"

@KitRedgrave An app with an ejabberd backend. Huh. (Unfortunately unclear how much it actually works at this point.)

@djsundog Funny story, AARP sent me an invitation when I first bought my house. I was, uh, not even close to eligible.

@SuricrasiaOnline Silently added to a previous year's Cryptome entries.

First published as part of an SCP entry.

Served from a full English .onion domain name.

A server only exposed when a BGP misconfiguration from the Sandia Labs network broadcast a new announcement for

@SuricrasiaOnline Now I'm curious about the reason behind that. An errant watchdog? The CPU fan keeps the power plug in the wall? The PDU aggressively tries to turn off phantom loads?

@djsundog I appreciate the parenthetical, not because I'd harass you about it if you didn't include it, but because you know someone would and are clever enough to preempt it.

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