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take the last train to... 

take the last train to... 

Having a laptop that is always and permanently on my home network, regardless of where it is (assuming it's been unlocked appropriately, etc.) is nice in ways I lack the words to describe.


music, some lyrics 

mastodev feature musing 

mastodev feature musing 

I just had a revelation that with a CamelBak bottle, I can drink water while laying on my side.

So now I'm doing that. This feels like a big deal, somehow, though in practice it probably won't change anything.

short story except 

masto meta, but not this week's meta 

Listening to Freezepop's "Do You Like Boys?" while walking behind two boys holding hands was a nice end to my evening downtown.



about me, sleep 


about me, caffeine 

lyrics, sleepy 

'morning, Mastodon. Have a good Monday! :blobpats: 🌄

pol, trolls, what to do about them 

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