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@onethousandtwentyfour Speaking of new (to me) music, thanks for pointing out Limbo's Holo (even if indirectly) a while ago. s'good.

@djsundog There's a new Waldeck album, which you might enjoy.

Today has been a day.

Take some time for yourself in the near future, yeah?

(I need a reminder for this. Maybe it will benefit someone else as well.)

On one hand, I *know* I started the Roomba and then took a shower.

On the other hand, when a loud whirring noise approaches and there's a repeated thumping on the door, I may inconveniently forget that fact.

I woke up 11 hours ago, after the same amount of sleep. How am I already tired?

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To sleep, perchance to wake up in under 4 hours.


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Apparently the purple I picked for part of my Halloween lights includes enough ultraviolet to make my dish soap fluoresce. Adds to the mood every time I see it out of the corner of my eye.

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In retrospect, I was particularly bad at estimating time today, of basically all sorts.

Got my lights to do Halloweeny things, yay. 💜🧡💜🧡

The weather in the city is finally down to a reasonable temperature, and we've got clouds and light rain. ☁️💜🌧️


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I was trying to untie my shoes. How did I accidentally get a pretty decent bowline in them instead?

Huh, new feature on the Internet Archive: go to any audio item and click the Llama in the upper-right(ish) corner. Depending on your history with computers, you may be able to guess what it does.

(Or for a clickable link, try )

CC @djsundog

Things I learned today: just because your printer can print from a roll, don't assume it can print the whole roll in one go (even assuming ink holds out). Turns out mine's limited at 200", for some reason. Also, tension is important and very finicky when rolling craft paper onto a separate roll.

This does make printing 120' of walkways a little more difficult. (Made it work, will just have to overlap things a bit.)

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