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@iliana What was the library-keeping software you set up? Would you recommend it?

(I have a variety of archives to keep track of, many of which will be getting spit out to tapes, and I'd like to manage their locations, searching for them, etc.. Very few things will have ISBNs, etc. though.)

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People who use a music organization tool (Beets, etc.): how do you handle random collections of songs you just have laying around, mashups, etc.?

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I think IKEA has gotten queerer since the last time I was here.

(This is emphatically not a complaint.)

(Not pictured: several queer-coded groups, including one woman with a shirt reading "could not be any gayer".)


This is fully in addition to the four external hard drives sitting beside, three of which I recognize. Hmm.

Love to move an anti-static bag that's been on my desk for ~a year and discover it was concealing three hard drives. I recognize... one of these.

New poster day! Quite happy with these, particularly as my first foray into Processing(.org).

It occurs to me that probably most people weren't made familiar with Robert's Rules when they were growing up, or possibly ever.



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Today in "clocks I forgot to update for DST": the Roomba.

🤖 Vrrrr.

Amused that I'm apparently recognizable enough as someone who vaguely knows what they're doing that I managed to get half the train platform's passengers to switch tracks without saying a word.

(This was probably not the entire reason, but given the murmuring and pointing, it was at least part of it.)


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