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*ambient emotional support for your upcoming day*


Anxiously awaiting the release of the printed version of Unicode 12. 🤞​

I don't even know how I got to this point, not that I'm complaining.

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I had forgotten the distinct "something is happening, right now" buzz of high-tension power lines. Took a minute to recognize it over the wind and sleet.

Followup: this was a bad idea. I got the thing I wanted to have working working, though.

The only way to have it working appears to break something *else*, but I'm calling that a problem for tomorrow-or-later.

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I'm going to listen to two mashups until I get this LaTeX abomination* working.

This is either a good idea or a terrible idea.

*: Row-spanning cells, with colored backgrounds, in a longtabu, with variable-height rows. Luckily a coworker has contributed code that's likely to do most of the job.



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I like being able to go from "hmm, flying toasters" to "I liked After Dark screensavers!" to getting an emulator and rendering several screenshots to having several large posters on my bedroom wall in a few hours.

I love that my most frequent Slack has :catastrophic-aws-incident: as an emoji of the infamous "green checkmark with "i" icon".

@iliana What was the library-keeping software you set up? Would you recommend it?

(I have a variety of archives to keep track of, many of which will be getting spit out to tapes, and I'd like to manage their locations, searching for them, etc.. Very few things will have ISBNs, etc. though.)

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People who use a music organization tool (Beets, etc.): how do you handle random collections of songs you just have laying around, mashups, etc.?

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