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subtoot of various people over the years, about me 

Help, I've fallen down the sock hole again.

I didn't even want anything interesting when I started!

πŸŽ‰β€‹ The Unicode Standard, Version 12.0 is finally available in printed form!


> It's hard to know what the joke is!

> Why is top-boosting bad?


black mirror s05 cws, marginally spoilery 

black mirror s05e01, not a spoiler 

*looks longingly at the "Print-on-Demand (POD) for purchase available in May" claim on the Unicode 12.0 page*

food, work-adj 

Reconstructions of VHS covers from the 80s(ish) seems like something @KitRedgrave - and possibly others - would enjoy:

Internal monologue while scrolling back through many hours of toots: "Who is this, and who boosted like a million of their toots into my timeline? ... oh, wait, @gdkar changed their avatar. Never mind."

(boosts appreciated if your followers might have useful ideas and you're amenable)

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For those of you who've grown out bangs: what do I do with my hair while it's long enough to get in my eyes but not long enough to tuck behind an ear?

I recently obtained Bobby pins, which are doing a good job of keeping hair off my eyebrows etc. (which is unexpectedly nice), but I neither know how to arrange them to look nice, nor whether there are better alternatives.

work-adj, pride-adj, request 

Huh, discourse I know things about. (I didn't participate in any part of this particular event, but I can cogently argue - and have experience with - most sides of it.)

I'm keeping my mouth shut in public (besides this), but if you earnestly want to understand a given position, send me a direct message. I have zero interest in defending a position, but I can explain where most of the actors are coming from.

kinda bragging, re: kind of a subtoot, attention / busyness meta 

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kind of a subtoot, attention / busyness meta 

(An entirely uneventful flight followed. Made good time.)

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Boarding a flight delayed something like four individual times (although only about an hour total).

"[...] welcoming passengers to flight number, oh, I don't know, your guess is as good as mine today."

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