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Looked in the mirror and discovered I'm accidentally cosplaying as a genderqueer pride flag today.


(This was a natural function of the stack of clothing I draw from, so it was indeed accidental, but still. Huh.)

Okay, seeing the ISS go by on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing was pretty neat. 🌌

hair removal, robots 

I have been reliably informed that my map does indeed not contain *every* library in the appropriate regions, or even all the public ones. This complicates matters. πŸ€”

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Plotting a trip largely based on an intercardinal direction, a list of fast food chains I've never visited, and a map of virtually every library in the relevant states. This ought to be interesting.

Oops, maybe I should have paced myself rather than downloading 4,239 popular GitHub repositories all at once.

πŸŽ‰β€‹ Inform 7 will be open-sourced* some time in 2019: . Yay!

*: Artistic License 2.0 with Bison-style grant to clarify that compiled IF isn't under the same license.

phone calls, question 

sleep ~ 

subtooting nobody here, vague complain, cops-adj 


uspol, long, + / pos, mentions bad things, possibly controversial 

mh (not mine, nonnegative, long ago) 


subtoot of various people over the years, about me 

Help, I've fallen down the sock hole again.

I didn't even want anything interesting when I started!

πŸŽ‰β€‹ The Unicode Standard, Version 12.0 is finally available in printed form!


> It's hard to know what the joke is!

> Why is top-boosting bad?


black mirror s05 cws, marginally spoilery 

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