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Oh wow, good job to whomever did this one.


Surprised at something, I just muttered "what the heckie". I blame @gdkar.

How did I *just now* realize that Adam Ant was probably a play on "adamant"?

(Wikipedia is somewhat conflicted on this and I haven't investigated further, but still.)

It's... interesting when several former classmates join Signal on the same day. πŸ‘€

Do you or anyone you know want a 16-computer VGA + PS/2 KVM?

It's , though I think I only have 12 sets of cables for some reason. I believe it works, but I haven't honestly tested it in many years.

Yours for the cost of shipping from the US midwest.

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The benefit of flagrantly "probably queer" hair on Amtrak was that on the first two trains, the person I'd identified as the most evidently queer on the train has at some point ended up taking a seat next to me.

(Which is cool, because I vaguely want to talk to those folks, but lack the guts to actually sit down next to them and start a conversation, and if half happens without my doing, that's nice.)

Looked in the mirror and discovered I'm accidentally cosplaying as a genderqueer pride flag today.


(This was a natural function of the stack of clothing I draw from, so it was indeed accidental, but still. Huh.)

Okay, seeing the ISS go by on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing was pretty neat. 🌌

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I have been reliably informed that my map does indeed not contain *every* library in the appropriate regions, or even all the public ones. This complicates matters. πŸ€”

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Plotting a trip largely based on an intercardinal direction, a list of fast food chains I've never visited, and a map of virtually every library in the relevant states. This ought to be interesting.

Oops, maybe I should have paced myself rather than downloading 4,239 popular GitHub repositories all at once.

πŸŽ‰β€‹ Inform 7 will be open-sourced* some time in 2019: . Yay!

*: Artistic License 2.0 with Bison-style grant to clarify that compiled IF isn't under the same license.

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