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I appreciate that @LadyMargaret stays on top of new emoji proposals and I don't even have to do anything for the interesting ones to just show up in front of me.

It looks like a Raspberry Pi Zero W can still connect to my WiFi from within a multi-switch gang box. Hmm.

*eyes Hue lights*

(I'm a little iffy on it because there's a reasonably high number of retries, but it's at least a plausible way to hook up "actual" light switches to my lights.)

It has come to the point where I'm eyeballing how many gallon bags I need to store my USB cable collection. 😐

(It needed repackaging. Ended up with three gallon bags and a quart, but one of the gallon bags is slight overkill. There's a chance I have a sufficient number of "regular" USB cables.)

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silly music request 

lyrics musing 

Why am I using ddrescue on a MECC sampler CD from 1994? I couldn't rightly say.

PLATO in your browser. Runs on a fridge, too! (Complete with keyboard overlay for touchscreens.)

unicode question(s?) 


Accidentally left some RAM testing for a week. 11 passes of memtest86 later, I think it's good. πŸ™ƒ

Oh wow, good job to whomever did this one.


Surprised at something, I just muttered "what the heckie". I blame @gdkar.

How did I *just now* realize that Adam Ant was probably a play on "adamant"?

(Wikipedia is somewhat conflicted on this and I haven't investigated further, but still.)

It's... interesting when several former classmates join Signal on the same day. πŸ‘€

Do you or anyone you know want a 16-computer VGA + PS/2 KVM?

It's , though I think I only have 12 sets of cables for some reason. I believe it works, but I haven't honestly tested it in many years.

Yours for the cost of shipping from the US midwest.

take meta 

subtoot-ish, joking 

The benefit of flagrantly "probably queer" hair on Amtrak was that on the first two trains, the person I'd identified as the most evidently queer on the train has at some point ended up taking a seat next to me.

(Which is cool, because I vaguely want to talk to those folks, but lack the guts to actually sit down next to them and start a conversation, and if half happens without my doing, that's nice.)

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