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*quietly whispers apologies to @djsundog * Sometimes recent additions to jazz hits are nice too.

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(I believe this has been the case for a while, possibly back to around Unicode 10 when "person" was introduced, but it's somewhat surprising to see that it's *still* the case, lo these many years.)

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The Twitter Twemoji (12.1.3) emoji for "people holding hands" (explicitly not gender-specific) is identical to that of "man and woman holding hands". Hrm. (They do have "person", which is its own non-gendered drawing, just not a pair holding hands.) ("people holding hands")

vs. ("man and woman holding hands")

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I appreciate that @LadyMargaret stays on top of new emoji proposals and I don't even have to do anything for the interesting ones to just show up in front of me.

It looks like a Raspberry Pi Zero W can still connect to my WiFi from within a multi-switch gang box. Hmm.

*eyes Hue lights*

(I'm a little iffy on it because there's a reasonably high number of retries, but it's at least a plausible way to hook up "actual" light switches to my lights.)

It has come to the point where I'm eyeballing how many gallon bags I need to store my USB cable collection. 😐

(It needed repackaging. Ended up with three gallon bags and a quart, but one of the gallon bags is slight overkill. There's a chance I have a sufficient number of "regular" USB cables.)

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silly music request 

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Why am I using ddrescue on a MECC sampler CD from 1994? I couldn't rightly say.

PLATO in your browser. Runs on a fridge, too! (Complete with keyboard overlay for touchscreens.)

unicode question(s?) 


Accidentally left some RAM testing for a week. 11 passes of memtest86 later, I think it's good. πŸ™ƒ

Oh wow, good job to whomever did this one.


Surprised at something, I just muttered "what the heckie". I blame @gdkar.

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