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So apparently the Westphalian Era has nothing to do with Tommy Westphall.

(I vaguely knew this, but somehow one always comes to mind with the other.)

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I can't be the only one who finds the recent Western Digital (white) drive labels to be well-designed, can I? They're pretty nice, despite being something that basically nobody is ever expected to see. Clean typography, appropriate barcodes, clear labeling.

Anyway, kudos to whomever designed them, wherever you may be.

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Half a muffin and a glass of cold water in front of me, Enya queued three albums deep, and it's grey out. Let's get this Monday started.


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@SuricrasiaOnline A local big box electronics store had these on display. I considered trying to buy the whole thing and part it out across the fediverse. (Didn't.)

(CC @djsundog A Heathkit!)

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*quietly whispers apologies to @djsundog * Sometimes recent additions to jazz hits are nice too.

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