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planes but also in general, vaguely morbid / injury ref 

Put your own mask on before helping others.


This isn't being selfish; you *both* black out in the other order.

lyrics, current events-adj-adj 

You oughta know not to stand by the window
Somebody see you up there

us psa 

Don't forget to set your clocks forward if you're in the US (and your locality participates in Daylight Saving Time). There is no 2am Sunday morning; we skip right on to 3am after 1:59am!


Gotta catch 'em all!

One of each variety of Girl Scout cookies produced this year, from both bakeries. (Surprisingly hard to source cookies from the "other" bakery unless you live on the border of two councils. I ordered mine online.)

non-followers, πŸ‘‹ 

Howdy! I found and went through a bunch of follow requests. If you meant to be following me and aren't, please feel free to try again. I rejected a bunch of requests that appeared to be from inactive accounts or people who didn't want to follow me. If I accidentally rejected yours in that batch, I won't be bothered by you asking again.

Oh hey. Just upgraded Mastodon to glitch-soc's tip-of-tree from, uh, 2.4.3. So that'll be a year's worth of updates in a few hours, and hopefully I can start seeing messages from some of y'all I've missed them from for authentication reasons.

food, sales, request 

Does anyone know a Girl Scout in a council that sells cookies from ABC Bakers and sells them online for delivery ("Digital Cookie platform")? In particular, this is Sacramento, Minneapolis, most of Wisconsin, Austin, Houston, Boston, Orlando, New Orleans, and some other places.

I'm looking to buy one of each type from each bakery, and I can get Little Brownie Bakers already. Links for anyone selling from ABC Bakers would be appreciated. (Boosts or referrals are also cool.)


πŸŽ‰ Success! Now, sleep. I can check the tests in the morning.

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Okay, so it turns out that trying to convert a nontrivial app from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4 in a day may have been a mistake.

cws in other places 

Other platforms don't have CWs? If they have threads, those can work! In particular, this is super good in Slack, where you only have to click a button to expand and the entire thing can be hidden otherwise.

(Also, know that you can unsubscribe from a thread in most chat platforms.)

re: museums, vaguely ennui-adj?, not really negative 

Oh! Forgot my citation! (the last two paragraphs, although the rest is worth a read)

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long, museums, vaguely ennui-adj?, not really negative 

Been thinking about this quite from aaron straup cope (for context: museum worker, mostly on digital projects, at Cooper Hewitt and SFO Museum among others) quite a bit recently.

"I think the question of whether or not to outsource curatorial practice is a good opening to discuss the broader practice of outsourcing in general in the cultural heritage sector. It certainly easier for more people to relate to than the question of whether or not we should outsource digital and technology roles. This is a larger debate that we, as a community of practice, should have because I think that one risk of relentless outsourcing is that museums (and friends) will become nothing more than centers of production rather than scholarship.

If we say that our only purpose is to facilitate the assembly of content in the service of culture then it's no longer clear to me what distinguishes the cultural heritage sector from any other for-profit entertainment company. If we are unable to articulate, even to ourselves, what distinguishes our work from that produced by the private sector then maybe it really is time to admit there's nothing special about what we do. And importantly there are other people who do it β€” where it is pure and selfish entertainment β€” better than we do."

I don't work in museums, though I do like to archive things as a hobby. But more than that: if you're doing something not because you enjoy it (but because it's work, or because you think it has to be done), sometimes it's worth thinking about what you're actually doing, and whether or not it's already being done better.

(And maybe it's not! That's not unexpected! But maybe there's something else more useful to do. But of course have fun too: ain't nobody having fun for you better than you can.)

So apparently the Westphalian Era has nothing to do with Tommy Westphall.

(I vaguely knew this, but somehow one always comes to mind with the other.)

fediverse question, monsterpit 

Is anyone having an issue where *some* Monsterpit posts don't federate to them? I've had this a couple times over the last day, and just confirmed that I got the first post in a thread, and a later post in that thread, but not an intermediate post in my timeline. πŸ˜•

(They were unlisted, so I *can* pull the intermediate post by ID, but it's odd that it didn't get pushed to my timeline.)

I neither use nor advertise IPv6 on this server.

I can't be the only one who finds the recent Western Digital (white) drive labels to be well-designed, can I? They're pretty nice, despite being something that basically nobody is ever expected to see. Clean typography, appropriate barcodes, clear labeling.

Anyway, kudos to whomever designed them, wherever you may be.

general safety, i swear 

It appears IKEA scented tealight candles melt to about 130-140 F, which makes them reasonably safe to touch briefly, or if some spills onto you. I've yet to try the cheaper unscented ones.

In case anyone was wondering and didn't want to get wax on their thermometer.

(This did in fact start from innocent wondering, but let me tell you that you end up with some interesting results if you try to search for it. And still nobody with actual numbers that I could find.)

Half a muffin and a glass of cold water in front of me, Enya queued three albums deep, and it's grey out. Let's get this Monday started.


@gdkar Okay, commercial egg nog plus Kahlua per your suggestion is... better than it has any right to be. Huh.

mastodev, kiiinda subtoot 

Feature idea: configurable rate limits for a followee's toots.

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