Show newer Y'all may be interested to know that Firefox 93 contains fixes for Orca. I don't know how far it goes, but maybe that will be of use. 🤷

It's basically the equinox, so cities with east/west streets have sunrises and sunsets that run the whole length of the street. Particularly remarkable in Chicago, where streets are largely on a grid.

looking for rails devs 

Are there any Ruby on Rails devs around who are looking for a job in the UK? (Anywhere in the UK; don't need to be near an office if you're okay working remotely.) Looking for someone to help out with a line of business app that's mostly Rails as an API for a React app (looking for help with both).

(Boosts welcome, I should probably add .)


@Leaf Are there any strong arguments against adopting UTS #31 ("Identifier and Pattern Syntax") in the next version of C (C23)? Talking with someone who is apparently discussing the proposal tomorrow, and I recall you had Opinions about emoji in identifiers (which that would seem to preclude).

Idly wondering how many people have found themselves wandering through the parking lot of that invisible 7-11.

Ah yes, E2EE, well-known predecessor to J2EE.

@PINE64 Incidentally, a number of colleagues are big fans of the "extremely noodly" USB C cables for the Pinecil. I think one of the monthly updates indicated you had them custom made, but is there a name for cables like that or in general cables that are so flexible?

In particular, someone mentioned they once got an Ethernet cable like that in a box with a device, but wants a bunch more and hasn't been able to track any down.

@djsundog If I were desirous of a bunch of ska or otherwise horn-heavy covers of popular songs, is there a particular direction you might point me?

@Leaf Typographical question I assume you'll be able to answer off the top of your head: if I'm putting section numbers inline before a section heading, what's the appropriate amount of space to use to separate them?

Someone left a bunch of chalk out for collaborative sidewalk art. Neat.

🎶 Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle mornin' I'll come followin' you 🎶

(Happy 80th, Bob, even if you are a bit hard to understand these days.)

I can only assume DHL is practicing international touch-and-gos with my delivery.

Every [Saturday] morning I wake up and open palm slam a search into the browser. It's me checking to see if IBM has any updates on LTO 9 drives.

(They do not. Their website says "1H 2021", but everyone else says "fall" or "September". And despite there being two manufacturers of LTO *tape*, IBM is now the only manufacturer of *drives*.)

There's something just weird about a (nominally) $150 textbook that has clearly been printed on demand on an inkjet printer. I get that roughly none of the value is in the physical object, *and yet*.

(It would also be nice to get a discount on the second edition, but I get the feeling that's not really a thing either.)

uspol-adj, money 

On the plus side, our debate bingo directed $400ish to a Wisconsin queer charity (GSAFE)

Yelled "hey buddy!" at a raccoon trying to sneak up behind me. (The second one of the night, but less assertive of the two.) Good times.

money, looking for suggestions 

I really should put together a set of things I want to buy next time Bandcamp waives its fees. I'm open to suggestions, if you've got them. (Bonus points: electronic, ambient, chill, etc.)

Relishing the certain irony in setting my desk lamp to a low color temperature to read out CIELUV formulae from "Measuring Colour" in the evening.

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