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coronavirus, mff, etc. 

So it seems a fully vaccinated person went to Anime NYC and then tested positive for Omicron shortly after - unclear if they were infectious at the con or not but they're telling everyone who went to get tested[1]. Both Anime NYC and MFF require vaccinations, but I have to imagine there's an overlap in attendees. Since I know a surprising number of folks going, don't forget your masks, and stay safe.


It's only flu if it comes from an influenza strain. Otherwise it's sparkling cold. Y'all may be interested to know that Firefox 93 contains fixes for Orca. I don't know how far it goes, but maybe that will be of use. 🤷

It's basically the equinox, so cities with east/west streets have sunrises and sunsets that run the whole length of the street. Particularly remarkable in Chicago, where streets are largely on a grid.

looking for rails devs 

Are there any Ruby on Rails devs around who are looking for a job in the UK? (Anywhere in the UK; don't need to be near an office if you're okay working remotely.) Looking for someone to help out with a line of business app that's mostly Rails as an API for a React app (looking for help with both).

(Boosts welcome, I should probably add .)


@Leaf Are there any strong arguments against adopting UTS #31 ("Identifier and Pattern Syntax") in the next version of C (C23)? Talking with someone who is apparently discussing the proposal tomorrow, and I recall you had Opinions about emoji in identifiers (which that would seem to preclude).

Idly wondering how many people have found themselves wandering through the parking lot of that invisible 7-11.

Ah yes, E2EE, well-known predecessor to J2EE.

@PINE64 Incidentally, a number of colleagues are big fans of the "extremely noodly" USB C cables for the Pinecil. I think one of the monthly updates indicated you had them custom made, but is there a name for cables like that or in general cables that are so flexible?

In particular, someone mentioned they once got an Ethernet cable like that in a box with a device, but wants a bunch more and hasn't been able to track any down.

@djsundog If I were desirous of a bunch of ska or otherwise horn-heavy covers of popular songs, is there a particular direction you might point me?

@Leaf Typographical question I assume you'll be able to answer off the top of your head: if I'm putting section numbers inline before a section heading, what's the appropriate amount of space to use to separate them?

Someone left a bunch of chalk out for collaborative sidewalk art. Neat.

🎶 Hey Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle mornin' I'll come followin' you 🎶

(Happy 80th, Bob, even if you are a bit hard to understand these days.)

I can only assume DHL is practicing international touch-and-gos with my delivery.

Every [Saturday] morning I wake up and open palm slam a search into the browser. It's me checking to see if IBM has any updates on LTO 9 drives.

(They do not. Their website says "1H 2021", but everyone else says "fall" or "September". And despite there being two manufacturers of LTO *tape*, IBM is now the only manufacturer of *drives*.)

There's something just weird about a (nominally) $150 textbook that has clearly been printed on demand on an inkjet printer. I get that roughly none of the value is in the physical object, *and yet*.

(It would also be nice to get a discount on the second edition, but I get the feeling that's not really a thing either.)

uspol-adj, money 

On the plus side, our debate bingo directed $400ish to a Wisconsin queer charity (GSAFE)

Yelled "hey buddy!" at a raccoon trying to sneak up behind me. (The second one of the night, but less assertive of the two.) Good times.

money, looking for suggestions 

I really should put together a set of things I want to buy next time Bandcamp waives its fees. I'm open to suggestions, if you've got them. (Bonus points: electronic, ambient, chill, etc.)

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