My thought process is weird.

"I kinda want something I can chew that isn't too sweet." *looks at literal candy bars* "I guess some of them are not too sweet?"

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me, watching a 32 GB file copy at 50 MB/s: goooo faster!

also me: *remembers when I scheduled a day to tie up parents' phone line to download a CD-sized installer because the server didn't support resuming*

I like when snow builds up on me while I'm walking. It's funny.

@djsundog How's Sundog feeling today? Less fever?

So I have ~20 pairs of socks that are in fine-but-used condition, which I don't need. is there somewhere that can use them? Most places I might donate clothes don't really want not-new socks.

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Idly wondering why people I'm around often decide they want to start / be in a commune. This is like the third group.

This presentation is impressive for several reasons:

* StarCraft (original) had custom maps with a (very simple) scripting language.
* There was a buffer overflow, leading to read and write primitives.
* The community used those to make maps that changed graphics, game rules, etc.
* Blizzard rewrote large parts of Starcraft (for "Remastered"), but went through tons(!) of effort to add an interpreter to keep (almost?) all of those hacks working.


@aschmitz *blinks* I guess I must've been tired. 'morning, Mastodon.

But for now, I'm going to sleep. At a reasonable hour. For the first time in weeks(!).

Don't forget to sleep, too. 'night, everyone.

Mastodon's boost deduplication (a boost isn't added to your home timeline if you have it in the 30 most recent statuses) sometimes makes "LB: [comment]" statuses hard to follow. Wonder if there's a good way to handle that. "Boost with comment" keeps coming up, and would solve that particular problem, but is apparently difficult or unwanted? We could just not deduplicate them?

(If you catch it early enough, you can easily go to the LB'ing user's page to see it, but this gets harder over time.)

[late-night ambient support: you can do the thing! take care of yourself.]

There is a Roomba trying to make its way through my room. This makes it somewhat difficult to go back to sleep. We'll see if I manage.

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