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'morning, Mastodon folks! Hopefully yours is pleasant. Don't forget to take care of yourself this week. :blobpats:

It seems to have been a generally good day in the fediverse. Lots of nice posts, and quite a few nice people around. I hope everyone had a good day, and gets a chance to do it all again tomorrow. :blobpats:

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Laying on a beanbag with a blanket, reading chapter 18 ("East Asia") of The Unicode Standard with the jukebox playing Zero 7. Mmm.

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@bea I don't know if a thundering herd of "welcome back"s is welcome or not. But. It's nice to see you around. Hope you're doing well. :blobpats:

Resolution for the rest of the night: fewer takes, more sleeping. 'night, folks.

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Just queued 42,925 LaTeX renders. How's *your* Sunday going?

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I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy
Yeah, and he said one word to me, and that was " :blobpats: "

*jots "Sweet Lullaby" on a piece of paper, slides it face-down over to @djsundog in the lab*

Request: I'm looking for very tiny (~0.5mm), colored, non-reflective flakes. Think "nail polish glitter, if it wasn't shimmery". Is there a term for this?

(Closest I've come is "cosmetic glitter", but almost all of that is reflective. Even as a nail polish making supply, I'm having trouble finding any that aren't metallic.)