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Amused that I'm apparently recognizable enough as someone who vaguely knows what they're doing that I managed to get half the train platform's passengers to switch tracks without saying a word.

(This was probably not the entire reason, but given the murmuring and pointing, it was at least part of it.)


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USians*: don't forget that the upcoming 2:00am hour has been taken away. You can pick it up on November 3rd.

The upshot is that you're going to lose an hour this weekend. Maybe go to sleep early? Or sleep in. Either way.

(Also double-check your smoke alarm batteries.)

* This offer not valid in most of Arizona, Hawaii, and some territories and commonwealths.

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I seem to recall thinking, earlier today, that I needed to at the very least send a :blobpats:​ to someone, but I've unfortunately since forgotten who.

Anyway, uh, :blobpats:​. I hope you're doing okay

Mmm. Almost noon, time to nap.

(And then... tea? And maybe some cleaning?)


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